Sunday, March 25, 2007

Save Veronica Mars + 1 VM wallpaper :)

Veronica Mars has been on a hiatus to accomodate the Pussycat Dolls contest and I've been having withdrawal symptoms already. I personally hate that a show such as Veronica Mars, characterized by such wit, talent, suspense, and drama, could be replaced by a show of girls shaking their booty. Seriously, it should be a crime.

Anyway, I am not going to rant on and on about the injustice of it all. Instead, I'm going to introduce you to the Save Veronica Mars campaign. As fellow Veronica Mars fans would know, the show is teetering on a very thin line and is in danger of getting cut. This would be the real injustice. We simply cannot let them stop one of the best shows ever made, especially when we have yet to see Logan and Veronica's relationship come to its fruition. TV viewing will not be the same without Veronica Mars.

To support this cause, please please PLEASE go to this link to e-Online:

and vote for Veronica Mars!

This show still has so much to offer - so many new plot twists, situations, loose ends to tie up, etc!

For those who have not yet tried watching, please do try watching it. You can view the episodes online at I promise you the show will not disappoint. It's got anything you'd want - drama, comedy, love triangles, good-looking actors (<3 jason dohring), plot twists, A+ acting!

To VM fans, here's 1 wallpaper. Comments welcome :)

Thanks! :)

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whos said...

i love LoVe. great wallpaper