Friday, March 30, 2007

Jason Dohring when he was little

I found some really cute pictures of Jason Dohring when he was little here:

Below are some of the pics on the site. The full list is in the URL above. He already had that look that we all love now :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New VM Wallpaper

wallpaper dedicated to the central character :) comment if you like it.

Sanjaya is getting very Cocky

Sanjaya is now suffering from what season 4 Scott Savol suffered from as well - a large amount of cockiness. The feeling of being invincible tends to get into people's heads. It's the feeling that they can sing as crappy as crap itself and still escape the bottom 3 - the feeling that even Simon Cowell's influential words cannot sway the voters.

This cockiness will be the downfall of Sanjaya. I absolutely felt like his comment about Simon being jealous of his hair, the way he smiles and grins even though the judges are speechless in disgust, shows that he is starting to love the power that he has over his fans. And I think (at least I hope) this will be his demise. Fans absolutely do not love cocky Idols. This, I think (and as I recall), is why Scott Savol got eliminated after he expressed his confidence in making it to the AI finals. And Scott Savol sings way better than Sanjaya.

Sanjaya, please do leave with your faux mohawk and your faux nice guy personality. Please, for the love of all who know what real good singing is.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Another American Idol Lookalike

Thanks to my brother who was able to help me find another lookalike for the AI contestants :D

Sending Comments

Just realized that by default, only registered users can comment. I changed that already so anyone could comment =) hehe hope i get comments soon, just so I'd know if people are actually reading my blog hehehehe :P

American Idol Celebrity Look-alikes

I'm in American Idol mode again, and it just came to me that some of the American Idol Top 12 contestants look a little like famous celebrities. Comment if you agree :)

(Blake, of course, is far cuter than Sean William ;) )

And they're both American Idol contestants! How's that for similarity?

Chris says a lot of people tell him that he looks like Justin Timberlake. I think he looks more like Chad Michael Murray.
They kinda look alike right? :P Their smile's kinda similar too.

They even have the same set of frames! WOAH!

Still trying to figure out who the others look like =)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Save Veronica Mars + 1 VM wallpaper :)

Veronica Mars has been on a hiatus to accomodate the Pussycat Dolls contest and I've been having withdrawal symptoms already. I personally hate that a show such as Veronica Mars, characterized by such wit, talent, suspense, and drama, could be replaced by a show of girls shaking their booty. Seriously, it should be a crime.

Anyway, I am not going to rant on and on about the injustice of it all. Instead, I'm going to introduce you to the Save Veronica Mars campaign. As fellow Veronica Mars fans would know, the show is teetering on a very thin line and is in danger of getting cut. This would be the real injustice. We simply cannot let them stop one of the best shows ever made, especially when we have yet to see Logan and Veronica's relationship come to its fruition. TV viewing will not be the same without Veronica Mars.

To support this cause, please please PLEASE go to this link to e-Online:

and vote for Veronica Mars!

This show still has so much to offer - so many new plot twists, situations, loose ends to tie up, etc!

For those who have not yet tried watching, please do try watching it. You can view the episodes online at I promise you the show will not disappoint. It's got anything you'd want - drama, comedy, love triangles, good-looking actors (<3 jason dohring), plot twists, A+ acting!

To VM fans, here's 1 wallpaper. Comments welcome :)

Thanks! :)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hana Yori Dango Season 2 Episode 1 Part 2 Photo Summary =)

After the F4's graduation, Hanazawa Rui and Makino kept in touch. During one of their lunch get-togethers, Rui brings up Domyouji, and wonders how Domyouji is, as he hasn't contacted him in ages. Makino, trying to act like he is unfazed by the sensitive topic, humors about it and tells Rui that Domyouji probably found himself a busty American blonde girlfriend by now. Rui is more perceptive however, and points out that Makino must be missing him. Makino immediately dismisses the thought, telling him that she is relieved that she hasn't been talking with Domyouji because she may not be able to concentrate and go through school. Her body language disagrees with her, however.

In truth, Makino did miss Domyouji terribly. She reminisces about him, while she is at Ebisu Garden place on their first date. Yes, Domyouji was a pompous jerk, but she fell in love with him. She had thought their love would last. At first, it seemed that way. After 3 months, however, Domyouji stopped calling and Makino could not reach his cellphone.

At first, Makino was extremely worried that something had happened to him. But one day, an old friend/enemy showed up by the name of Sakurako, with her new Australian boyfriend, and told Makino she had seen Domyouji in New York, still with his curly perms and his pompous attitude. Knowing now that Domyouji was alright, she decided it was time to move on.

And with perfect timing at that. Makino attended a reunion with her old classmates, and was able to catch up on good times and distract herself from Domyouji. She also makes a large realization during the reunion that she had been less ambitious since she came to Eitoku and that she was still unsure of what she wanted to do after she graduates.

Suddenly, a very good-looking guy comes in the restaurant. He is the cousin of one of Makino's friends and he goes by the name of Oribe Junpei. As soon as Junpei met Makino's eyes, he was thrilled. Apparently, he also studied at Eitoku and he knew all about Makino - how he fearlessly confronted Domyouji and how she managed to win 2nd place in the Teen of Japan (TOJ) contest. Junpei tells her that she would make a good defender of justice. Yuki notes that Junpei must have a crush on Makino and Junpei casually admits, much to the shock of Makino.

Later that night, Makino and Yuki talk, and Yuki brings up Makino's potential of becoming a lawyer. This got Makino thinking, and recalling Shizuka, her idol, who is also a lawyer, she decided to give her all to that ambition. With a goal in mind, Makino opened her books and began her intensive studying.

To be continued...

What they Mean when they say Sanjaya's getting better

Here's what I think.

This is the American Idol talent meter:

There's "You are the singer to beat", then there's "Your vocals were spot on", followed by "It was good", and "It was aight" at the neutral side. Then there's "That was not good, dude", "second-rate bar performance", and "absolutely horrendous".

Finally, there's Sanjaya.

His first performance on stage was when he ironically bored us by singing a Stevie Wonder song with the lyrics "I don't wanna bore you". He followed this up with a performance that felt like a "ghastly talent show", with a voice as small as a mouse' and an oversized suit. Yes, Sanjaya fans, I acknowledge the fact that he never sings off-pitch. We got to give him some props for that. Here are the props: Sanjaya, you CAN sing... just make sure it's during family reunions, school recitals, those types of events.

Now, singing shouting the Kinks' "You Really Got Me", Paula and Randy felt he was having fun and felt it was his best performance yet. That just means that currently, he has finally reached the "absolutely horrendous" spot.

Bravo, Sanjaya. You really ARE getting better.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Kimura Takuya - Magician Zero - Hilarious!!!

This is a hilarious clip I saw of Kimura Takuya impersonating Cyril Takayama, a magician. Before you watch theclip, take a look at how Cyril really looks.

Now watch the clip:

Funny, no? And the way Kimura Takuya speaks his Japanese! hahahah. Just a backgrounder - Cyril is Japanese/French American.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Gatsby Ad featuring Kimura Takuya!!!!

All I can say is: WOW. It's kinda funny too, with that revised lyrics - "I can give you Gatssssubiiii, Gatsssuubbiii, Gatsssuubbiii. hahahahah :) Kimtaku is really so adorable. Check it out:

If you don't know Kimura Takuya then I pity you hahahaha. He's the lead actor in very famous JDoramas like Pride, Engine, Hero, Good Luck, etc. He's also part of the SMAP band. Still not ringing a bell? He was also the model of Levis:

Hana Yori Dango Wallpaper

2 new wallpapers:

Actually, they're just different versions. Can't decide which is better.
Enjoy :) You can freely use this on your desktop but please if you plan on putting this on your site, let me know first.

British Invasion Night at American Idol, and some very Strange, Creepy moments

It was British invasion Night at American Idol and I was extremely excited about it, because I really love 60's music (I am a Zombies, Searchers, Hollies, Classics, Applejacks, etc. fan). I was absolutely thrilled that 2 Zombies songs were covered, and were covered well.

For me, Blake stole the show with his ultra cool, suave rendition of "Time of the Season":

Stephanie Edwards lost her spark and doesn't seem sincere enough with the way she sings. Haley didn't sing very well but danced very well hehehe. I don't think Gina followed Lulu's suggestion of making the pitch higher, it seemed she sang the song better during the clip with Lulu... Phil Stacey's performance was also half-baked. Lakisha's "Diamonds are Forever" was hot, I dont know why Simon and co. didnt like it so much. Melinda was spot on with the way she interpreted her lyrics. Chris Richardson's was another great performance. His vocals was close to impeccable:

The creepiest moment had to be when Sanjaya tried to rock it out with "You Really got me Now". He was really just shouting his lyrics, his outfit was sloppy with the overly large blazer, it just didnt work. What made it even creepier was how Ashley on the audience was crying while he performed! Was that creepy or what???

Based on all these comments, I have no idea why Chris wound up in the bottom 2 and why Sanjaya was smiling and laughing sitting down comfortably in his seat, having avoided elimination once again.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hana Yori Dango Season 2 Episode 1 Part 1 Photo Summary =)

Hey guys! Hope you enjoy the photo summary I have here. I'll be making photo summaries for each episode. =) Special thanks to Sars-fansubs. If you haven't watched HYD, and you want good quality fansubs, go to their site at
You can click on the pictures to view a bigger version and download it to your heart's content.
I'm starting with Episode 1 of Season 2. I might do Season 1 too if you like :)

Episode 1 Season 2 Part 1

The show starts with Makino feeling absolutely lost in New York, trying to find Domyouji. With an inadequate grasp of the English language, she desperately tries to find her way in the crowded streets of New York, overwhelmed by all the people and how they look like famous celebrities (It's hilarious how she pronounces Brad Pitt - Bra-do Pit-to).

As if she wasn't in quite a predicament already, someone manages to snatch her bag, where all her money and essentials were kept.

Even worse, she encounters a group of hooligans. She tries to get into their good nature, with her hilarous English but only manages to piss them off even more. She cries for Domyouji's help and the hooligans could only look in disbelief at this girl claiming to know a high-profiled man like Domyouji.

Lucky for her, her knight in black leather pointy shoes (guess who *wink**wink*) comes to rescue him.

But before we find out who that guy really is, the show backtracks to an ordinary day at Eitoku Gakuen.

Things in Eitoku Gakuen are back to normal now that word is out that Domyouji has been ignoring Makino.

The people are as snooty as ever and are horrible to Makino. Makino does her best to ward them off as usual.

That day also marked the graduation day of the upper batch, which included the illustrious F4 minus Domyouji.

The principal congratulates the F4 (who are in their stylish suits as usual) and announces that the F4 have generously donated money to demolish the current canteen and build an F4 lounge.

Everyone is awestruck, except for Makino, who finds it unbelievable, still, that people could have that much money to spend.

To be Continued...