Friday, February 13, 2009

Wants to sneak inside a Honda Fit Factory

The name of the automobile game now is compact, compact, compact, and I have my eyes on this cute 2009 Honda Fit model! Really pretty, and has this sleek, high-techy exterior. I'm not really a car person, so I can't explain why I like it in terms of all those auto tech mumbo jumbo, but I must say that I really just like it in general :)

You can view more details about the Honda Fit along with Fit Factory warranty info, go to this link:

Now the thing is I don't have the budget to buy a car yet, so it's either I sneak inside a Honda Fit Factory and hope that one of them wakes up and chooses me (think Transformers, people) or I just wait patiently for a few more years :D

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Veronica Mars Movie finally coming into Fruition?!

According to Rob Thomas, yes! The Veronica Mars movie is good to go! Rob Thomas got a lot of free time since his series, Cupid, got scaled back. The show will be set a few days before college graduation, which I personally think is a good time to start. I'm excited to find out what Rob has in store for us - as long as he writes the script then we obsessed VM fans can rest easy. I also hope to God that the original Veronica Mars cast will all be there!

Stay tuned and make sure you tell everyone about it!!! We definitely want this Veronica Mars movie to be a hit. Who knows, it might be a springboard to the continuation of the Veronica Mars TV Series.