Sunday, September 30, 2007

Anti-climactic JDrama Endings?

Is it just me or were First Kiss and Hana Kimi's endings a bit too... anticlimactic? For First Kiss, the tension built up as the episodes progressed making you worry about Mio's operation, but it just ended all of a sudden like that!

As for Hana Kimi, more scenes were given to the friendship among Ashiya and the other fellow Hana Kimi students and Ashiya and Sano's relationship was not highlighted enough. And what of Ashiya going back to America? How will Ashiya and Sano's relationship continue?

It wasn't all that bad, but I guess I just hoped for more romantic scenes :)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Oguri Shun's Past

My friend from Japan came here last week and gave me an Oguri Shun book filled with oodles of pictures of him :) And guess what?? The book says that Oguri Shun didn't like going to school before because people used to pick on him! Can you believe that?? This uber popular, sought-after Japanese actor who is arguably known worldwide used to be picked on at school!

Anyway, I'll be posting some pics from that book soon, and wallpapers of him, when I get the time.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

New Ikuta Toma Wallpaper

New wallpaper for Ikuta Toma up! This wallpaper is still for Ikuta Toma's portrayal of Nakatsu Shuichi of the ongoing Jdrama, Hana Kimi, which, if you have not been following, is about to come to its conclusion pretty soon (sob...). This picture of Ikuta Toma was captured at the time of the Mr. and Ms. Osaka contest when the teacher

************ spoiler alert ************

announces that Ashiya Mizuki has won as the Queen of Ms. Osaka.

************ end of spoiler alert ************

This wallpaper clearly shows his natural comical side. He was born to play the role of Nakatsu... But then again, with his talent, he acts as if he was born to play every role he's ever been given!

Hope you enjoy this Ikuta Toma wallpaper! ^_^ Again, I'd love to hear your comments. For more of my Ikuta Toma goodies, click here:
You're free to use my wallpapers/buddy icons, but please don't place them on your site. Thanks!

I'm gonna have even more Ikuta Toma stuff up as soon as I can make them! =) Enjoy! Click on the image below to get the bigger version :)

Ikuta Toma Wallpaper

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Ikuta Toma wallpaper

My newest Ikuta Toma wallpaper featuring him as the very funny Nakatsu in the ongoing Japanese drama series, Hana Kimi. Toma Ikuta kawaii desu ne!!!

Ikuta Toma Wallpaper

More Toma Ikuta wallpapers soon :) I'd love a comment if you like this wallpaper :)

Monday, September 3, 2007

First Kiss Episode 7 and 8!!! screenshots and buddy icons

First Kiss episode 7 was the cutest episode of First Kiss thus far!!! And one of the cutest Japanese Drama Series episodes as well!! Dr Yuuki's dimply smile is absolutely adorable!! And him meeting Mio at the restaurant while they were on the phone... kawaii desu ne!!!

Screenshots to recap the beautiful scene!

And screens to that romantic date:

Episode 8 was so bittersweet and sad and I can't wait for episode 9!

Made some buddy icons for episode 7 and 8