Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hana Yori Dango Season 2 Episode 1 Part 1 Photo Summary =)

Hey guys! Hope you enjoy the photo summary I have here. I'll be making photo summaries for each episode. =) Special thanks to Sars-fansubs. If you haven't watched HYD, and you want good quality fansubs, go to their site at
You can click on the pictures to view a bigger version and download it to your heart's content.
I'm starting with Episode 1 of Season 2. I might do Season 1 too if you like :)

Episode 1 Season 2 Part 1

The show starts with Makino feeling absolutely lost in New York, trying to find Domyouji. With an inadequate grasp of the English language, she desperately tries to find her way in the crowded streets of New York, overwhelmed by all the people and how they look like famous celebrities (It's hilarious how she pronounces Brad Pitt - Bra-do Pit-to).

As if she wasn't in quite a predicament already, someone manages to snatch her bag, where all her money and essentials were kept.

Even worse, she encounters a group of hooligans. She tries to get into their good nature, with her hilarous English but only manages to piss them off even more. She cries for Domyouji's help and the hooligans could only look in disbelief at this girl claiming to know a high-profiled man like Domyouji.

Lucky for her, her knight in black leather pointy shoes (guess who *wink**wink*) comes to rescue him.

But before we find out who that guy really is, the show backtracks to an ordinary day at Eitoku Gakuen.

Things in Eitoku Gakuen are back to normal now that word is out that Domyouji has been ignoring Makino.

The people are as snooty as ever and are horrible to Makino. Makino does her best to ward them off as usual.

That day also marked the graduation day of the upper batch, which included the illustrious F4 minus Domyouji.

The principal congratulates the F4 (who are in their stylish suits as usual) and announces that the F4 have generously donated money to demolish the current canteen and build an F4 lounge.

Everyone is awestruck, except for Makino, who finds it unbelievable, still, that people could have that much money to spend.

To be Continued...

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