Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hana Yori Dango Season 2 Episode 1 Part 2 Photo Summary =)

After the F4's graduation, Hanazawa Rui and Makino kept in touch. During one of their lunch get-togethers, Rui brings up Domyouji, and wonders how Domyouji is, as he hasn't contacted him in ages. Makino, trying to act like he is unfazed by the sensitive topic, humors about it and tells Rui that Domyouji probably found himself a busty American blonde girlfriend by now. Rui is more perceptive however, and points out that Makino must be missing him. Makino immediately dismisses the thought, telling him that she is relieved that she hasn't been talking with Domyouji because she may not be able to concentrate and go through school. Her body language disagrees with her, however.

In truth, Makino did miss Domyouji terribly. She reminisces about him, while she is at Ebisu Garden place on their first date. Yes, Domyouji was a pompous jerk, but she fell in love with him. She had thought their love would last. At first, it seemed that way. After 3 months, however, Domyouji stopped calling and Makino could not reach his cellphone.

At first, Makino was extremely worried that something had happened to him. But one day, an old friend/enemy showed up by the name of Sakurako, with her new Australian boyfriend, and told Makino she had seen Domyouji in New York, still with his curly perms and his pompous attitude. Knowing now that Domyouji was alright, she decided it was time to move on.

And with perfect timing at that. Makino attended a reunion with her old classmates, and was able to catch up on good times and distract herself from Domyouji. She also makes a large realization during the reunion that she had been less ambitious since she came to Eitoku and that she was still unsure of what she wanted to do after she graduates.

Suddenly, a very good-looking guy comes in the restaurant. He is the cousin of one of Makino's friends and he goes by the name of Oribe Junpei. As soon as Junpei met Makino's eyes, he was thrilled. Apparently, he also studied at Eitoku and he knew all about Makino - how he fearlessly confronted Domyouji and how she managed to win 2nd place in the Teen of Japan (TOJ) contest. Junpei tells her that she would make a good defender of justice. Yuki notes that Junpei must have a crush on Makino and Junpei casually admits, much to the shock of Makino.

Later that night, Makino and Yuki talk, and Yuki brings up Makino's potential of becoming a lawyer. This got Makino thinking, and recalling Shizuka, her idol, who is also a lawyer, she decided to give her all to that ambition. With a goal in mind, Makino opened her books and began her intensive studying.

To be continued...

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