Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sanjaya is getting very Cocky

Sanjaya is now suffering from what season 4 Scott Savol suffered from as well - a large amount of cockiness. The feeling of being invincible tends to get into people's heads. It's the feeling that they can sing as crappy as crap itself and still escape the bottom 3 - the feeling that even Simon Cowell's influential words cannot sway the voters.

This cockiness will be the downfall of Sanjaya. I absolutely felt like his comment about Simon being jealous of his hair, the way he smiles and grins even though the judges are speechless in disgust, shows that he is starting to love the power that he has over his fans. And I think (at least I hope) this will be his demise. Fans absolutely do not love cocky Idols. This, I think (and as I recall), is why Scott Savol got eliminated after he expressed his confidence in making it to the AI finals. And Scott Savol sings way better than Sanjaya.

Sanjaya, please do leave with your faux mohawk and your faux nice guy personality. Please, for the love of all who know what real good singing is.


Rom said...

Suppose he's really gotten cocky. Fans have already started to love him before that. And pulling off that hairstyle may have added some plus-points to the same fans..

Underzenith said...

You have a sad point there. Hopefully though, it won't happen that way. If the fans liked him before because he was cute and sweet then what he's doing now is certainly going against that image. On the one hand, if it's really the support of that's saving him, then there's nothing we can do :(