Sunday, April 8, 2007

Young Modern - the 5th #1 album of Silverchair

Silverchair has so kindly offered to put up all the songs from their new album, Young Modern for streaming to everyone. You can check it out at their official page at Silverchair is living proof that a band can actually innovate and progress from their initial style and still be themselves.

Silverchair's new album has large influences from The Dissociatives, a side project of Daniel Johns. We hear a lot of funky, electronic sounds going on in their new album that resemble the sounds of the Dissociatives. Although Silverchair has come a long way from their first few songs, which were grungier and louder, it's amazing that the songs are still quite "Silverchair". I feel that they were able to accomplish this because, although they steered away from their old styles, they still retained some of their old elements (e.g. try listening to Young Modern Station and you'll see what I'm talking about). Also listen to how Young Modern Station progresses to Straight Lines. Absolutely great.

This explains why Silverchair has made music history today with the chart topping debut of their new release Young Modern. Silverchair is the first Australian band to ever have five #1 albums. I'll stop my opinions from there. Just listen to their album online and be the judge.

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