Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Love Revolution

I have finally finished watching the subbed drama Love Revolution. After years of agony, waiting for someone to sub the show, SARS Fansubs and Mugen finally answered my prayers. I have written a short synopsis of the show below, to convince you that this is a very good show

Love begins at their 30's for Dr. Asaoka Kyoko and Mariko Endo, a heart surgeon and a stewardess, respectiveley. It all begins on their trip to Rome, where Kyoko chases after a man who had inadvertently lead her on, only to find that he was merely being polite. What's worse, the man was dating a nurse at Kyoko's hospital!

Before their trip ends, an old lady predicts that Kyoko will find love and get married in Rome, riding atop a beautiful horse. Immediately, the revolution of love takes its course when, during the plane ride home, Kyoko manages to help a chef (Fukuda) with his stomach ailments. The chef turns out to be from a prestigious restaurant in Tokyo called Il Porcellino. He falls head over heels for Mariko.

Once in Tokyo, Kyoko begins to wonder if the old lady was true, knowing her unlucky track record in love. Being a very intellectual, career-oriented, and independent lady, men find her a tad intimidating. In truth, however, Kyoko deals with a lot of insecurities and finds it hard to express herself. Mariko, on the other hand, who has a bubbly personality, has better luck with men, as she also sparks interest from the chef's friend, Yoshida.

Things finally start to pick up for Kyoko when she meets a mysterious silent-type actor, Yabuki Mamoru, who secretly holds a flame for Kyoko, and a playboy news reporter, Suga Eiichiro who is everything but discrete about his affections for Kyoko.

The love revolution continues.

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