Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Engagement Ring

I was channel surfing yesterday and just happened to watch this very quaint and inviting backdrop of a vineyard. It was certainly a good call on my part to continue watching (in spite of the incessant grumbling of my stomach craving for some breakfast).

The Engagement Ring, a movie produced back in 2005, is about two feuding families: The Di Cenzo's and the Rosa's. The 40-year feud was a result of a postal service gone bad, which lead to a huge misunderstanding between Alicia Rosa and Nick Di Cenzo. Nick had sent Alicia an engagement ring by mail, which Alicia failed to receive. As a result, both egos were squashed.

40 years after this misunderstanding, Alicia's daughter, Sara, tries to strike a deal with the Di Cenzo's to acquire the latter's vineyard. Nick, however, refuses to sell because of the 40-year old grudge he still held. With a sudden twist of fate, Alicia finally receives the engagement ring by mail. Will Alicia and Nick finally bury the hatchet? How will Alicia's husband, Johnny, react to all this? To complicate matters, Sara, an engaged woman, starts falling for Nick's nephew, Tony. Will the engagement ring finally fix feuds and create a new family?

What drew me to this show was how everyone acted, the humor, subtle details of the show, and how these are all set in such a wonderful backdrop. It's also good to see several stories coming in to play. Aside from Sara and Tony's developments, we see the story behind Alicia, Nick, and Johnny. The ending was also really nice, very heartwarming, and unique.

It's a good watch for romantic comedy fans out there. =) Better than My Big Fat Greek Wedding, in my opinion.

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