Saturday, July 7, 2007

More to this Movie than Meets the Eye

Let me tell you why I agree with the majority of the movie-viewing public that this show was awesome.

1. The movie had a plot. Oftentimes, these action flicks don't have much of a plot going on, which is why I had doubts about how great this show really was. The plot was awesome. There wasn't anything intellectual about the plot or anything deep about it, but this show really explained how these autobots and decepticons came to this earth and you are totally immersed in their mission to save planet earth.

2. It's believable. The reason why I shy away from sci-fi flicks is that everything is so unrealistic and so outrageous. Here, they actually base their existence on something plausible, connecting it to historical events, like the Mars landing and the Hoover Dam.

3. Mind-blowing special effects. Every autobot had their own way of transforming to and from a car, all those explosions, fight scenes - mind-blowing!

4. Great actors. I love Shia LaBeouf. I loved him since Even Stevens. He's natural, has this geekiness to him that makes him really cute. I absolutely loved him in this show. I might dedicate an entire post just about him later on. Megan Fox was also great, she kicked ass esp. riding that tow truck with Bumble Bee. And Josh Duhamel was also very kickass as the captain and he added intensity to the film. Oh yeah, and he's hot.

5. Tear-jerking moments? Okay, I'm gonna admit. The Bumblebee - Sam moments brought some tears to my eyes. Sorry, I'm a sucker for these sentimental moments. It's so great how they add emotions and "humane-ness" to the autobots.

6. Funny moments. Every good show has its funny moments. Shia provided just enough humor in the show, not too much that the show becomes corny. He's a natural comedian. The autobots trying to hide in Sam's house was so funny.

7. Kickass robots. All hail Optimus Prime!

8. Kickass kickass kickass!!! Oh and did I mention, Kickass?!?!

9. And isn't it a cherry on top of this very delicious banana split that Linkin Park's What I've done covers this show?

I'm gonna go to a second-hand car shop very soon and hope to God that an autobot chooses me. Please please please!!!


Rom said...

steph, i think the movie rocked too.

as i think about it, i just wish optimus prime had more parts/scenes.

Underzenith said...

True, he's probably gonna have some more air time in part 2 :)