Friday, July 13, 2007

More Funny Japanese Videos

Before there was "Jackass", funny Japanese videos were born. Here's another batch of funny videos.

Silent Library with Ernesto Hoost

The name of the game is simple. They have several different consequences on pieces of paper, then they have to draw a card. The person who gets the skeleton card receives the consequence. Wasabi rolls, Bad Smell Air, slapping machine, Balloon, Nose Hair picking, Hitted Hip... and get this - "Old Man Nibbles Tenderly" You gotta watch it to find out just how hilarious and CRAZY it is! Oh yeah, and they need to keep quiet about it because they're in a library.

Human Tetris

Here's what they need to do. The contestants have to fit into a moving block with a certain cut shape. The thing is the shapes are very difficult.

More funny Jap videos soon! :)

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