Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Akihabara at Deep

So I'm currently watching the Akihabara at Deep series, mainly because Toma Ikuta stars there, and I must say this show is quite... unique. Seeing Akihabara for the first time in TV makes me want to go back to Japan and visit Akihabara, it looks like a very interesting place to go to!

The show basically revolves around otakus and their world - Akihabara. The story starts with three specific otakus - box, page, and Taiko, each with their own shortcomings - Page, played by Kazama Shunsuke, talks to people mainly through his computer and has self-confidence issues (part of the fun of this show is listening to him find his voice and stutter). Box, played by Toma Ikuta, is a good-looking man who ironically has a hard time dealing with women. Taiko, played by Hoshino Gen, mysteriously freezes sometimes. It's quite hilarious seeing his head up in smokes and his eyes all crazy looking. Likewise, they also have their own strengths which, together as a team, help them accomplish things. Later on, they meet up with 3 more otakus and together, they solve the Akihabara's problems and more importantly, their own quandaries.

I have yet to finish the series, but it's interesting, that's for sure.

This is a funny scene where the 3 otakus try to track down Akira:


Rom said...

this blog site is now soooo asian. =P

Underzenith said...

hahahah yeah i know! after american idol, all my posts have been asian-inspired :P but im making a post about grey's anatomy next :) lol