Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hana Yori Dango Season 2 Episode 1 Final Part

While studying in a library one day, Makino encounters Junpei, who asks her to join her in his modelling stint, where Junpei encourages her to have one photo shoot with him for kicks. The photo, however, shows up in an international magazine which is widely read by everyone, even by a certain boy in New York.

In a surprising turn of events, Makino receives a red notice one day, which could come from none other than Domyouji. This, along with the encouragement of Rui, leads Makino to be ever more determined to visit Domyouji in New York. That is when we are lead back to the scene with the thugs. Makino's knight in pointy shoes is none other than Hanazawa Rui, who has decided to accompany her in New York.

By some miracle, Makino encounters Domyouji at the hot dog stand. She is thrilled, but apparently, Domyouji is not. Makino is devastated but she is still doggedly determined to find out what's wrong so she goes to his school to find him. A conversation with him and an unexpected turn of events leads her to believe that perhaps, Domyouji has really forgotten about her. The remaining members of F4 try to talk some sense into him but to no avail.

Meanwhile, back in school, Makino deals with all the bullying and Junpei is there to help her through the ordeal.

*** spoilers below ***

There is, however, more to Junpei than meets the eye. It turns out that Junpei himself had ordered the red notice and that he planned to use Makino as bait to bring Domyouji back so he could extract his revenge for all the evil things Domyouji had done in the past. Makino, whom Junpei's gang has strapped to a pole in some abandoned shack, retaliates and manages to escape Junpei's gang where Domyouji's sister is there to rescue her. Domyouji's sister and Makino talk over a scrumptious meal, where Makino confesses how much she misses and loves Domyouji. Domyouji's sister is heartbroken.

The episode reaches its shocking ending when Nishida hands Makino an invitation to Domyouji's grand birthday party. At the event, Domyouji's mother makes an important announcement - Domyouji is to be engaged - and not to her, but to a girl by the name of Okawahara Shigeru.

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