Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Wittiest Reality TV show duo yet is in Amazing Race Asia 2!

I've actually grown tired of watching race-type sports-intensive reality TV shows, like Amazing Race and Survivor. I only watched Amazing race for the bickering couple that was Colin & Christie and watched Survivor only on its second season. Personality seemed to have dissipated from the shows, replaced by stereotypes, cheesy "I will survive" types, and overly serious competitors. The formula was personally driving me nuts.

The Mark and Rovilson duo is just what the reality TV routine needs - a fresh, witty personality with good looks to boot (may I note that Mark looked especially hot this Africa episode)! They are perhaps the wittiest duo ever to grace my boob tube, as they exchange banters, give funny retorts, and do zany things on screen. And they go one step further to entertain us with their special Amazing Race customized shirts! They are the sole reason why I follow this season of Amazing Race Asia. I think shows should endeavor to have contestants as vivacious as these two, otherwise people are really going to get tired of the same thing.

I'll be posting my fave Mark and Rovilson quotes soon ;)


Anonymous said...

even before i loved marc nelson already! great body! haha.. neways, super funny nila! haha especially pag mag-"disguise" sila. hehe love the plant! =))

Anonymous said...

mela pala to =P

Underzenith said...

hi mela! grabe it's so sad they lost! heart-wrenching episode, will post about it later :) onga eh yung plant laugh trip! :))