Monday, January 28, 2008

Ikuta Toma's new Jdrama!

Ikuta Toma lands a new role at the JDrama, Honey and Clover, adapted from the anime with the same title. The drama is mostly a romantic comedy, focusing on the lives of five college students and the love triangle (or pentagon, whichever). He plays Takemoto Yuta, a man who is unsure of himself. He is a bit gawky, quiet, and falls for the extremely shy Hanamoto Hagumi.

From the first part of the drama, I feel that this is going to be a great watch. From what I gathered the movie version of this show sucked so I hope that the bad reputation of the movie won't rub off in this series. They have Ikuta Toma's acting prowess to make this show work after all.

Here are a few screen shots that to me, captures the very essence of this new character he is playing. It is a stark contrast from the almost cocky goofball Nakatsu Shuichi and an even bigger contrast from the vengeful, kakkoi Junpei. One thing hasn't changed though - He is as cute and charming as ever ;)

It's great that the Japanese entertainment industry is keen on determining who the great talents are and is giving Ikuta Toma all the opportunities he deserves! Congrats, Ikuta Toma! A lot of us are rooting for you!

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lover said...

thank u because of your i can see him alittle bit more.