Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My American Idol Picks and Ramblings

My Top 3/4 picks!
1. Jason Castro
- I LOVE his tone and voice, his funny, shy guy personality, his eyes
2. David Archuleta
- The judges are right, he sings like a seasoned performer, and his personality shines through each of the songs
3. David Cook or Michael Johns
- These two are fighting this spot. Michael Johns didn't choose the right song
- Still waiting for David Cook to really rock it

1. Is it just me or is Simon Cowell extremely critical this season? I mean there are performances that are actually pretty good but he's not impressed!
2. What does Simon have against Crossword?? Sheesh, do all American Idol contestants have to follow the same mold?!
3. A guy should win this season because the guys are more unique and diverse.


The Troll said...

Good choices except for Castro. I can't stand Randy (Yo, Dog, Yo) Jackson and Paula (Everyone's Great) Abdul so I used to just fast-forward to Simon.

But, you're right, he's been a bit of a baby this year. He hated the idea of allowing instruments and is childishly taking it out on every contestant who uses one.

Underzenith said...

yeah exactly! I was really surprised, though, that despite the fact that he hates the idea, he liked Brooke White's performance.