Friday, May 18, 2007

Quality TV going down the toilet

This just in from "Watch With Kristen" gossip (

Veronica Mars' future is bleak. The article says, and I quote:

"At a CW press conference, Dawn Ostroff told reporters that Veronica as we know it is over, but that she is talking to Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell about a future project.'

I just checked in with Rob Thomas, who tells me:

'I haven't heard about a future project yet, but I suppose I'd listen. Would love to work with Kristen again, however.'

When I ask point-blank if VM is over, Rob tells me:

'I believe we're out of hope.'"

This news absolutely sucks. This clearly tells me that quality TV viewing as we know it is going down the drain. Hell, Veronica Mars has only been the show that's allowed me to say that there are still quality TV shows left.

I don't know why shows I love get cancelled prematurely - eg. Roswell. What are the majority of TV viewers looking for that the can't find in Veronica Mars? What is it about the common TV viewer that is different from the cult fanbase of Veronica Mars? What could possibly be more interesting about farmers looking for a mate?

And what good was winning 2nd place in the Save One Show and getting 1st place in Teavee to our cause? When are they going to review that whole Nielsen box rating scheme anyway?

This is absolutely depressing.

Let's still vote at Teavee for Veronica Mars to show how much we love the show and how much we believe in the witty private investigator and her awesome cast. Let's hope that they realize what a mistake they're making, cancelling Veronica Mars.

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