Friday, May 11, 2007

Elimination Songs from American Idol Season 1 to Season 6

I'll admit it. I'm crazy. I spent some time off my busy schedule to figure out all the elimination songs from season 1 to season 6 and figure out if there are artists that future AI contestants should probably not attempt to sing; that is, songs made by artists that have caused the most number of contestants to be eliminated.

And here are the results!

#1 Killer: The Supremes
Hit List:
Season 2 Where did our Love Go - Julia
Season 6 You Can't Hurry Love - Brandon
Season 2 You Keep Me Hangin' On - Vanessa
Season 3 You Keep Me Hangin' On - Leah
Speaking of Diana Ross, another one on the hitlist by Diana Ross is Season 2's Rickey singing Endless Love

Tied at #1: Donna Summer
Hit List:
Season 1 Last Dance - Ryan
Season 5 Last Dance - Brenna
Season 4 On the Radio - Vonzell
Season 3 No More Tears - Diana

Big Contender: Stevie Wonder
Season 4 All in Love is Fair - David
Season 6 If You Really Love Me - Jared
Season 5 Overjoyed - Sway
This is of course excluding Mellisa during Stevie Wonder Night since one would have inevitably been eliminated because of a Stevie Wonder song that night.

And then a few other contenders with 2 eliminations each:
Alicia Keys
Season 5 If I Ain't Got You - Shontai
Season 4 You Don't Know my Name - Aloha

Bonnie Raitt
Season 6 I Can't make you love me - Amy
Season 6 Something to Talk About - Sanjaya

Elvis Presley
Season 3 Jailhouse Rock - Jon Peter
Season 5 Suspicious Minds - Chris Daughtry

Faith Hill
Season 2 Breathe - Julia
Season 4 When the Lights Go Down - Celena

Gloria Estefan
Season 3 Music of My Heart - John Stevens
Season 6 Turn the Beat Around - Haley

Season 3 Amazed - Matt
Season 4 I'm Already There - Anthony

Nat King Cole
Season 5 That's All - Ace
Season 5 When I fall in Love - Kevin

Nina Simone
Season 6 Feeling Good - Leslie
Season 6 Feeling Good - AJ
Same song, same season, same night... creepy!

Peggy Lee
Season 6 Fever - Nicholas
Season 1 Glory of Love - Christina

Ray Charles
Season 4 Georgia on my Mind - Nikko
Season 5 I Believe to my Soul - Elliott

Taylor Dayne
Season 2 Love will Lead you back - Carmen
Season 4 Love will Lead you back - Mikalah

The Temptations
Season 4 Get Ready - Sarah
Season 1 My Girl - Ejay

Perhaps this may mean something to future contestans... Perhaps not. If you can sing well, then by all means, sing the risky songs (ie Elliott Yamin singing Stevie Wonder). It's just a tad interesting to see an elimination summary (at least it was a tad interesting for me tallying it)


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