Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A great new Veronica Mars episode, A great night at American Idol

After the longest hiatus (due to a highly "intellectual" reality show to pick the next pussycat doll), Veronica Mars has finally come back... and in my opinion, with a vengeance. The episode had all the Veronica Mars elements we love - witty repartees, the Logan and Veronica angst, a good mystery, and all the good ol' characters we've come to love in the first season. Of course, the episode would have been better if Parker was duct taped to a chair gagging on a handkerchief and miles away from Logan, but that couldn't have been helped.

My opinion on Pizonica? I like it. I know I'll be dodging many proverbial tomatoes but objectively speaking, they look great together, and Piz is a sweet guy. Piz and Logan are so different and that is the beauty of this whole Pizonica relationship. If you're still gagging, just remember the jealousy that Piz has sparked in Logan. You just gotta love that scene at the elevator. And here it is again:

So, whether you're an avid LoVe shipper or open to the Pizonica fling, I think you should find this episode quite good. Stay tuned for the next episode, where Piz and Veronica's relationship is questioned by Paul Rudd and... (Drum roll please) Logan! Tut tut, Logan, you go with Parker, you lose.

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Now to American Idol, Bon Jovi Night. If you think, for one second, that American Idol produces unoriginal belters and the show is becoming boring, here's one performance that will change your mind, I guarantee it.

How can you possibly top that??? Blake Lewis managed to make something as mainstream and cheesy as "You Give Love a Bad Name" into a really modern Blake-y song! I also love his quirks when he sings, the way he points to the air whenever he's about to sing a high-pitched part of the song. Blake Lewis rocks.

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