Wednesday, March 5, 2008

This season's American Idol lookalikes!

It's time for me to make a lame attempt at showing this season's celebrity lookalikes. ;)

Luke Menard - Orlando Bloom

David Hernandez - Elliott Yamin (before he got his curls)

Jason Castro - Sonny Sandoval (from POD)
And they're both donning dreads!

Alaina Whitaker - Carrie Underwood
No wonder Simon loves her so much enough to call her the "dark horse" in the competition. You know how Simon loves these blonde country-style types.

Colton Berry - Ellen (he said it himself)

Joanne Borgella - Queen Latifah

Garrett Haley - Jacob Kraemer (just a little)
Lest you don't know who Jacob Kraemer is, he played Ben Harrison in Naturally Sadie. If you don't know what show Naturally Sadie is, there's always wikipedia ;)

And finally.....

Amanda Overmyer - Ursula
Wahahahahahahaha ;) Sorry couldn't help it, there's a similarity, no?


Rom said...

lol at the last one. haha. amanda even looks fiercer, imo.

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