Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Simon Cowell Spot on

Last night, Simon Cowell's comments were all spot on. I don't think I disagreed with him on any of his remarks.

Of course, I do believe that it's unfair that Kristy Lee Cook got a lot of recognition for her improvement in her performance, considering that despite her improvement, she is nowhere near as talented as the other contestants.

Chikezie really needs to stop reacting to constructive criticism like that, it shows how obnoxious and arrogant he is.

Carly was both extremely frightened and frightening during her performance. Her vocals were strong, as always; the tone of her voice is very professional, but her bottom 3 experience the previous night really shook her and it showed last night.

Brooke White's piano performances are starting to get really dull. I personally am not a huge fan of her, but her personality is really something that sets her apart from everyone else.

Michael Johns finally came out strong last night. I've been itching to hear him wow me just like he did in Bohemian Rhapsody and last night, I saw a snatch of that. He has an extremely good tone to his voice, so he really has to bring on his A Game.

Jason Castro's laid-back performance fit perfectly with his personality, and his performance and voice is very unique. His mannerisms when he sings really brings out his gawky charm. I am still waiting for another Hallelujah performance.

The other performances - okay.

Last but not the least, David Cook. WOW. I must say that I am now 100% sure that he is better than Chris Daughtry. I compare the two of them only because they are the rocker contestants of American Idol. I think besides that, they differ in many ways. David Cook's vocals and modern grungy/rock renditions of classic songs show his extreme talent. No wonder he was born with a big skull - he's got a really big brain inside of it. An intelligent, professional, contemporary, original, gutsy contestant - quite a unique find if you ask me.

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