Monday, September 3, 2007

First Kiss Episode 7 and 8!!! screenshots and buddy icons

First Kiss episode 7 was the cutest episode of First Kiss thus far!!! And one of the cutest Japanese Drama Series episodes as well!! Dr Yuuki's dimply smile is absolutely adorable!! And him meeting Mio at the restaurant while they were on the phone... kawaii desu ne!!!

Screenshots to recap the beautiful scene!

And screens to that romantic date:

Episode 8 was so bittersweet and sad and I can't wait for episode 9!

Made some buddy icons for episode 7 and 8


Anonymous said...

steph! okay ba tong First Kiss?? :)-mela

Underzenith said...

yes mela!!! it's nice! one of the cast of First Kiss was in Proposal Daisuken. Really cute show and very touching

firstkiss said...

i love this.. hehhehe,, yuki loves inoue mao..