Sunday, September 30, 2007

Anti-climactic JDrama Endings?

Is it just me or were First Kiss and Hana Kimi's endings a bit too... anticlimactic? For First Kiss, the tension built up as the episodes progressed making you worry about Mio's operation, but it just ended all of a sudden like that!

As for Hana Kimi, more scenes were given to the friendship among Ashiya and the other fellow Hana Kimi students and Ashiya and Sano's relationship was not highlighted enough. And what of Ashiya going back to America? How will Ashiya and Sano's relationship continue?

It wasn't all that bad, but I guess I just hoped for more romantic scenes :)


Anonymous said...

poor nankatsu :( i love ikuta toma so much!!! ganbatte toma!!! ehehehhe

Anonymous said...

To me what was funny was that I felt more chemistry between Nakatsu and Mizuki than I did Sano and Mizuki. Obviously this was due to Ikuta being absolutely adorable and stole the scene in every scene he was in. (My god I loved Nakatsu's style, mannerisms, humor, alethicism, honestly a completely package o///o;) So naturally he'd feel like the better choice and honestly was the better choice. Honestly I did like that she went back to America because it sets it apart from other gender-bending shoujo based dramas. She was about Sano returning to his sport and her love for Sano's happiness trumped her love for Sano (selflessness)... This is why I wish the manga would flesh out the characters some with backstory etc Dx I want to learn more about Nakatsu. Heck, he deserves his own manga.

Rochii. said...

For me, it was Ok. Haha. I think Nakatsu and Mizuki are great(actually, I want to them to end up with each other). Hahaha. I really feel sorry for him at the last episode(was it from the last episode of second to the last..ugh, whatever). Hahaha. XD. Well, keep safe. :P

Anonymous said...

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