Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hooray for Ikuta Toma

Reasons why I am so happy for Ikuta Toma right now:

1. His role in Hana Kimi - Nakatsu is perfect for Ikuta Toma. He can show off his sense of humor, his romantic side, and his intense side all in one! It's so cute the way this very cool, athletic guy goes all gawky all of a sudden. He provides a lot of the humor in the show. The way he debates over his feelings for Ashiya is hilarious!

2. The Hana Kimi poll I've made thus far - As of this post, Nakatsu is leading my poll by a whopping 16 votes! If you haven't voted, vote now :D

3. All the overwhelming replies I've gotten in my first Ikuta Toma post. It's great to know there a lot of other avid Ikuta Toma supporters out there!

Here's to hoping that Hana Kimi will be Ikuta Toma's springboard to superstardom!

Below are two Ikuta Toma buddy icons I've made. Enjoy! :)

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