Sunday, August 19, 2007

Japanese Drama Hana Kimi screenshots for episode 1 with captions! Enjoy!
If you want to use this on your website, please ask permission first. Capturing screens isn't as simple as it seems :) (at least for someone like me who finds the process very tedious)

Special thanks goes to SARS FANSUBS for creating high-quality japanese drama series fansubs :) Check out their site to download the videos =)

Ashiya starts her new life in Osaka High School

Fan girls flock to Osaka High School to view the good-looking students

Osaka High school is an all-boys school with only one criterion for entering

Their appearance.

Fan girls are loving the beautiful scenery

Also here

The Hibari Four. A group of girls who belong to St. Blossoms, Osaka High School's sister school.

Osaka High students are all excited to see the transfer student from America (but they are later on disappointed to see a Japanese-looking guy - Mizuki - instead)

Mizuki's first encounter with Sano, the sole reason she was dressing up as a guy and attending Osaka High School, wasn't a very nice one.

Sano's graceful high jump, which has been Mizuki's inspiration.

Acting like a guy can be quite tricky especially in sticky situations such as this one.

News goes around of Mizuki's skills in running, so all the dorms fight over her to gain a better chance at winning dorm competitions

Later on, she learns that winners of dorm competitions get rewards

Mizuki meets Nanba, playboy and dorm head of dorm 2

And meets the adorable dog of dorm 2

As well as this creepy fellow (who will grow on you most definitely)

Sano has an attitude

Mizuki runs at the dorm competition despite her injury

Flashback: Mizuki cut her hair to look like a guy, attend Osaka High and convince Sano to jump again.

Sano takes care of Mizuki

Nakatsu and his brilliant display of selflessness makes his late grandma proud

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