Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Proposal Daisakusen

This J-Drama isn't very new but I was only able to watch it now, after my friend recommended it. Proposal Daisakusen centers mostly on a guy played by Yamapi who has been in love with his best friend since elementary. The show starts with his best friend being married off to someone else, and Yamapi being extremely regretful that he wasn't the groom.

A fairy of the Church, not your average kind of fairy (he is a HE, for one thing), decides to take pity on this poor soul and grant him a chance to go back to time to confess his feelings to his best friend and hopefully change the course of his future to a happier one. He realizes, however, that this is no easy feat, as he deals with his personal issues, most especially his pride.

The drama was a very interesting watch, and anything related to time traveling has always caught my eye. After three episodes, however, you start to see the formula of the series, and start to skip a few minutes of each episode to cut to the chase. One good thing about the show is that it touches on the lives of the other characters as well. The other members of the cast played their roles very well, and had varied traits, from the playboy to the hopelessly lovesick puppy. Of course, the lead actor was very talented, as we would all expect from the very good-looking Japanese heartthrob, Yamapi.

I would say that the show could have been compressed to 8 episodes, and it would have been an even better watch. As for the ending, a long-standing debate remains whether it was a good ending or not. I will not say too much because I do not want to spoil you but as a teaser: a lot of people were left wanting for more episodes when they finished the series. I, for one, remain in the middle of this debate.


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Chiharu said...

Just so you know, a 2-hr Proposal Daisakusen Special will be aired this spring (2008) that picks up where the drama left off.

Underzenith said...

wow thanks for the info! :) will look forward to that :)