Friday, June 8, 2007

Veronica Mars fans prove that they are really a cult fan base

What happens when Mars fans like us get disappointed by the sad news that Veronica Mars might be axed for good, despite all our efforts to vote like crazy in teavee and SOS? We fight back, Veronica Mars style. Veronica Mars never gave up. She gets insulted, she insults back. Her car's tires are sabotaged, she sabotages suspect's car. Her "personal" life is shot in video, and her video is scattered all over email, she retaliates and finds out just who the frak did that to her. Her best friend dies, she finds out who murders her, even if no one would support her.

Veronica Mars show is doomed to extinction, we spend all our hard-earned money to buy loads of Mars Bars and marshmallows to send to Dawn Ostroff and make a statement. Hell Yeah.

These Mars Bars cost roughly $2 each, and it's a small price to pay to keep the best show alive. Kristen Bell hasn't lost hope in the show. Why should we? To support, please go to: or or

Now let me give you 10 reasons why this show must not be axed:

1. It is a critically acclaimed show. Famous talents like Stephen King agree.,,1176379,00.html

2. It has a cult fan base. These are fans who are willing to send out Mars Bars, vote like crazy in any online poll that will show their love for Veronica Mars, bombard you with emails, sign petitions, create websites in Veronica Mars' name, create any multimedia for Veronica Mars, even donate money from their pockets to make this show stay as long as possible. (Just as I have pointed above)

3. We got 1st place in the teavee polls and acquired a very big lead against the other shows (like One Tree Hill). We got 2nd place in the Save One Show of eonline. We have over 38,750 signatures on the online petition and we are one of the most active petitions on The numbers continue to grow.

4. Girlfriends was renewed and it has lower ratings than Veronica Mars, and has been staying on for many more seasons than Veronica Mars, so it has less of an excuse why it still has bad ratings.

5. Veronica Mars just came into CW this year. One cannot count the last two seasons as a way to determine whether VM will work or not. People are just beginning to find out about this outstanding show, it's considered a new show for this network. Shouldn't we at least give it another chance?

6. The Pussycat Dolls show caused confusion for new viewers. A lot of people assumed that VM was gone, so they didn't watch after VM came back.

7. VM has changed our consumer experience. I, for one, now purchase items that Veronica Mars herself wore in the shows. And I'm not the only one. There is, in fact, a community that talks only about what brand and where to buy Veronica Mars' stuff. VM is that influential, and it is quite good for the sponsors.

8. I have created several articles, wallpapers, buddy icons to praise a show like Veronica Mars.

9. I take time out of my extremely hectic life to support this show. And I am not just the only one who does this. I am backed by other fans who have busy lives of their own, but still stay till the wee hours of the morning to vote at, to post at CW forums, to thank and support the sponsors of VM, to do anything and EVERYTHING to show their support for this remarkably witty show. You can't find fans more dedicated than us.

10. Even their very own Dawn Ostroff loves this show.

Aren't these reasons enough?

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